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JB Cutting is always looking to add members to our team and recruit the best local talent!

Qualifications for all manufacturing positions:

  • Ability to work 12 hour shifts
  • Monday-Friday and Saturday as required
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Ability to read tape measure down to 16ths
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds frequently
  • Must be able to stand for 12 hours a day
  • Prior manufacturing/production experience a plus, but not necessary, we will train!

Spray Booth Operator

The Spray Booth Operator is responsible for the quality application of glue on raw mdf parts for on-time delivery to the press for vinyl application. The Spray Booth Operator is also responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the spray gun, booth and prep area. This includes changing filters, taking inventory, cleaning the sink and spray areas. The Spray Booth Operator sets the pace for the pressroom. The right person for this position pays attention to small details and ensures the parts are free from debris and damage prior to spraying.

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Pressroom Auxiliary Support

The Pressroom Auxiliary Support (Press Aux) employee is responsible for setting up the Spray Booth Operator for success and supports the Press Operator. This is achieved by proper part staging, sorting by due date and by color. Supporting the Press Operator entails loading vinyl and organization of the vinyl. The Press Aux also locates any missing parts and facilitates damaged part repair. Working with the Spray Booth Operator, the Press Aux will learn to be the back up Spray Booth Operator.

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CNC – Nest Based Router Operator (NBR)

Nesting refers to the process of efficiently manufacturing wood component parts (doors & drawers) from flat raw material. The components are nested in a positioned pattern on a flat sheet of wood so that every inch of that material is used when cut. The NBR Operator is responsible for machining parts per set expectations and metrics while ensuring quality standards are met. NBR Operators will need to acquire product knowledge such as door types, profiles, colors etc. Each part requires care to ensure quality standards are being met which includes sanding, labeling, grain direction identification and proper cart/production placement. The use of hand tools such as sanders, routers and PUR gun will be required. Each operator is also responsible for keeping their area stocked, clean and free from trash. The right NBR Operator will possess the following skills:

  1. HI-LO Experience
  2. Mathematical skills: perform basic mathematical computations<
  3. Specific vision abilities: close vision, distance vision, color vision, depth perception, and adjustable focus
  4. Knowledge on reading tape measures and operating hand tools

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Press Operator

The membrane press consists of producing a vacuum in the lower chamber, and a simultaneous positive pressure in the upper; the membrane presses the vinyl onto the surface of the component, and the heat passing directly through the membrane ensures that the adhesive is activated. If you like playing Tetris, this position may be a great fit! The Press Operator is responsible for ensuring the timely and proper pressing of vinyl to parts. This includes adjusting/creating programs, proper placement of parts on the tray, cleaning, routine maintenance and housekeeping. Knowledge of products, vinyl colors, metrics and press maintenance will be required. Working as a Press Operator requires specific vision abilities including close vision, distance vision, color vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus.

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The Trimmers are crucial to our organization. They are the last defense before products are packed and shipped. Trimmers are responsible for cutting the parts out of the tray after pressing, trimming excessive vinyl, cleaning, repairing if necessary and conducting final quality checks. You must be a team player and have strong verbal communication skills. Working in Trimming requires a keen eye, ability to find minute discrepancies, attention to detail, strong hand dexterity and fine motor skills.

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Shipping Associate

The Shipping Associate is responsible for packaging products ensuring safe delivery to our customers. The shipping department builds custom skids, packages products by wrapping, crate placement and banding. Once the crates are complete, the Shipping Associate will use the hi-lo to place crates on shelving to await shipment. Shipping Associates also assist with any loading/unloading trucks, required drilling, painting, glass install, etc. Working in the Shipping Department requires attention to detail, spatial awareness, hand dexterity and ability to work at a fast pace.

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Warehouse Associate

The Warehouse Associate will have warehouse responsibilities in Plant 1 and Plant 2. Some of the job duties include picking, packing, unloading/reloading, sorting, socking, inventory and housekeeping duties. The Warehouse Associate also provides back-up support to the shipping department and other departments as required.

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5 Piece Door Production Associate

The 5 Piece Associate is responsible for cutting, measuring, mortising/tenoning parts, assembling, cleaning, and ensuring the finished products meets quality standards. Working in our 5 Piece door department requires quick thinking, a keen eye and the ability to measure and assemble pieces together.

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Components Associate

The Components Associate may work on a variety of machines in the Components Department. This may include the saw, edge bander, dowel machine, drill machine and/or pod and rail CNC’s. Versatility and ability to learn quickly and efficiently will help the right candidate be successful in this department.

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